Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

This story had so much promise, but it withered. I'm sorry that's the best I can say.

There was so much plot potential. Dystopian society where all girls die at 20 and boys at 25. Most of the world is underwater. Technology has made huge advancements. Girls are kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder so they can be impregnated. However, the plot seems to just rotate pointlessly around Rhine, blurbs about her boring past, her growing apathy, and then suddenly there is a random outburst of energy which amounts to nothing. Topped off with an anti-climatic finish.

Rhine is a sister bride to a wealthy landlord in a gorgeous mansion where her every whim is catered to. All she has to miss of her old life is her twin brother, and her relative freedom. One starts to loose patience for her plight as it painstakingly reveals, and then repeats over and over again, how horrible the outside world really is. The story is told through Rhine's perspective which is unfortunately too limited to be interesting and too slow to be suspenseful. It was hard to form an attachment to any of the other characters.

I will say, however, there were many scenes that were beautifully described. Her dresses seemed full of Channel and allure. The landscapes were often so sweet you could smell them. Unfortunately, the plot did not move fast enough, and with little depth. I think perhaps it was a mistake to make this a trilogy. Perhaps if all three books were condensed and merged together with updates on other characters, throughout, it would have a more substantial effect... perhaps.

Chapter's Indigo: Wither Special

All that being said, if I happen to find Fever (book 2) in the bargain section I may finger through it just to see what direction Destefano decides to take.

Chapter's Indigo: Fever Special

Coming soon February 12, 2013 : Chapter's Indigo: Sever Special
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