Sunday, 10 March 2013

Books in my Soul

One of my favorite Bloggers wrote an article about how the movies, music, paintings, and, of course most especially, books that we grew up with become apart of us. I love this theory, and completely believe it.

Do read her beautifully written blog on this subject: Books in my Soul and the further inspired What art is in your soul?
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Also C.J. Sullivan has a lovely vlog posted on her blog of her favorite childhood book. Favorite Childhood Book

And now I attempt to peer into my own soul... What has molded me? What were the books of my childhood that have now became apart of my soul? ...

- Island of the Blue Dolphins - It was b/c of her that I had all sorts of wilderness adventures as a child. I even decorated my room with fur pelts (i.e. my mom's minks - she loved that), rocks, and hanging sticks. Not to mention the yarn spider maze trap I turned my entire room into for a time.

- Miss Rumphius - Its actually based on a the real life of a lady that lived in Maine. Miss Rumphius is a librarian who decides to travel the world. And then fulfill a quest her grandfather gave to her to do something to make the world more beautiful. It  was a quest that always inspired me as a child. And strangely enough my life is truly following a similar path. This is a book I feel compelled to pick-up/buy every time I pass by it.

- Little Women - I was Jo. Tom-boy. Writer. Philosopher. Not content with settling down. Little Women - Chapters Specials

- Pride and Prejudice - I was a little bit of all of the girls, but I greatly related to the sarcasm and independent thinking of Elizabeth.

- Anne of Green Gables - Stubborn redhead with a ridiculous imagination that always got her in and out of trouble. - Yup that's me.

- Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Beauty & the Beast - grew up singing my way through everything. Also believed Prince Charming might actually exist in all his perfection. - not such a healthy belief, that one.

- Archie Comics - I've read more Archie comic books then I've read of all other books combined. I just adore Betty. She is Superwomen! She can fix cars. Play any sport like a pro. Bake cake to perfection. She's a straight 'A' student. She is totally sexy, and doesn't really know it. If there was only one character of all literature (yes, I said literature) I could choose to make an impression on my soul, it would be Betty.

She deserves to get Archie, but he doesn't deserve her. Still, I hope she gets him, just because she loves him so completely.
She gets 4 pics in this blog, because she's that awesome.

Do the characters of these various books belong in the same room? Let alone altogether affecting one soul? - curious indeed.  Still, I would hope, had they all known each other, they might have been great friends.

What about you? What books have become apart of your soul?


  1. Jo from Little Women was definitely the one that I related with!

    Thank you for reminding me about Island of the Blue Dolphins! It was one of the few books I actually re-read as a child. I loved her ingenuity and her will to survive. That ranks up there with the Journey of Natty Gann in my wilderness daydreams. I listed Deerskin as the epitome of those, though. If you haven't read Robin McKinley's dark fairy tale, it's well worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your books. I would love to hear more people's life-shaping art. :)

  2. Island of the Blue Dolphins is a beautiful story isn't.

    I will put Deerskin on my list, sounds great. - you have to love the dark fairy tales.

    Life shaping art is a great way to put it. I'm going to revise this blog and add your new blog to this one as well. Thanks for inspiring! :)